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Emarit is non-flammable and non-combustible. If it directly contacts fire, it will not release any toxic smoke and its surface will not deteriorate.
Emarit’s surface is considerably hard. Its resistance against scratches is high.
Resisted against impacts
Emarit is 0.70 thick, and its overall thickness increases to 1.1 with its electrostatic porcelain enamel coating. It is possible to walk on it, because it is non-deformable and is resisted against impacts.
Resisted against wear and tear
Thanks to its electrostatic porcelain enamel coating, Emarit is resisted against wear and tear much more than metal materials. It can be used for a wide range of applications including screw boxes, coal hoppers, silo unloading ducts, vitrified ceramics and tiles for bathrooms, kitchen utensils, building face works and other applications where resistance against wear and tear is demanded.
Resisted against weather elements and corrosion
Its electrostatic porcelain enamel coating provides higher protection against corrosion on the one hand, and prevents rust and contacts to form corrosion on the other hand.
Its electrostatic porcelain enamel coating ensures Emarit not to conduct electricity.
Resistance against temperature changes
Emarit is resisted against thermal shocks and temperature changes between –60° and +450°. It does not peel or swell.
Clean appearance
Thanks to its smooth texture and anti-static properties, Ematir does not hold dust on it and prevents moss from growing on it. It cleans itself after each fall of rain. Its appearance remains intact even after long years.
Emarit is lighter by 1/5 than the traditional roofing materials. Thus it exerts a lesser weight on the building, saves the construction costs by 30%, and is shipped in parcels.
Roofs covered with Emarit will not need maintenance even after long years.
The pigments of its electrostatic porcelain enamel coating are inorganic compounds which dissolve in the enamel raw material to color the enamel layer. Therefore, the enamel layer’s color is permanent, not affected from external elements, and resisted against fading. The aging and sunlight tests conducted in accordance with the National Bureau of Standard (NBS) rules prove that the color of its electrostatic porcelain enamel coating remains intact for 30 years. Its enamel coating neither peels nor swells.

Recyclable, environment-friendly
Emarit is an ecological product containing no harmful materials for the environment. Emarit is made of an electrostatic enamel coating on a metal surface and therefore is recyclable.
It can be melted without harming the environment.

Does Emarit emit noise?
If applied on buildings having roofs or roof voids containing usual heat insulation, Emarit will not emit more noise than the traditional roofing materials.

Emarit reflects heat
Emarit reflects the sunlight to reduce the heat emitted by the building to minimum.

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